Redefining Access Control

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July, 26 2019

Why Fast-Growing Companies Need Cloud-Based Access Control

Cloud-based access control

For modern fast-growing businesses, the risk environment of today calls for more flexible, scalable, and automated access control solutions. Constant challenges to monitor and manage access rights acr[...] Read More

June, 18 2019

Setting Up Office Security for SMBs

Access Control Systems

With the numerous cloud-based security products available for companies, securing your company’s facilities has never been easier or cheaper. Depending on your company’s size, compliance consideration[...] Read More

June, 12 2019

Cloud-Based Access Control Systems Are Essential to Office Automation

Access Control Systems

Office Automation Elevates the Employee Experience In today's modern workplace employees expect their office experience automated. The demand is so great that employers are either seeking out office s[...] Read More

June, 04 2019

Azure Active Directory: Automating Physical Access Control with Provisioning and Deprovisioning Workflows

Access Control Systems Security

Access control is traditionally two things: a manual process with keys or cards and a standalone system. Even as cloud-based access control systems have become more popular, traditional software provi[...] Read More

May, 14 2019

Integrating Slack as Your Physical Security Incident Management Platform

Access Control Systems Security

One of the key challenges for modern companies and the IT teams that keep the wheels turning is the necessity to monitor all systems in a scalable way. Often the volume of VoIP phones, the SaaS apps, [...] Read More

May, 02 2019

Integrated Access Control and Video Management with Cisco Meraki

Access Control Systems Security

When it comes time to take your security operation beyond simply assigning mobile or physical credentials to your team, one of the best next steps you can take is implementing a CCTV system. A CCTV sy[...] Read More

April, 17 2019

Access Control Installation: What You Need to Know

Access Control Systems Security

  One of the most important and least understood part of physical access control is the installation process. There are good reasons why so few companies exist to do these projects and even fewer that[...] Read More

March, 20 2019

8 Benefits of Cloud-Based Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems Security Cloud Computing

I recently spoke with a customer who is the director of IT for a mid-size technology company (~1000 employees). When we broke down the company’s technology stack by department he mentioned that until [...] Read More

March, 01 2019

The Benefits of Mobile Access Control

Access Control Systems Security

Eureka! We can use our mobile phones for access control. One of the original ideas for Sequr came from working at a coworking space when we were just getting started. This coworking space used keycard[...] Read More

February, 28 2019

Creating and Implementing an Access Control Policy


  Most IT and Facilities teams understand the need to have an access control policy, it’s probably why you’re reading this right now. However, a lot of teams are looking for guidance on best practices[...] Read More


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