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Webinar: Building Access in a Post COVID-19 World

Written by Sequr on 19, May 2020

Last week, we hosted a Webinar about Building Access in a Post COVID-19 World.

We included best practices, some helpful products and advice for offices as the world begins to reopen. Access control and visitor management is a critical component to ensuring a safe and healthy environment to help office and building teams prepare for this new reality. The way people access the building will change forever as a result of COVID-19.

Genea's VP of Sales, Rob Vail moderated the webinar with panelists Co-Founder of Sequr, Michael Maxsenti, Danielle Ebner of Smarter Security and Emily Thrasher from Proxyclick for an in-depth discussion covering new visitor management techniques, affordable products to reduce common touch points, the benefits of cloud-based systems, and more.

A few highlights included:

  • Best practices for reducing common touch points for secure entrances
  • New visitor management techniques 
  • Affordable products to eliminate or reduce common touch points
  • Thermal cameras: hype or helpful?
  • How cloud-based systems can help buildings reduce operating costs while increasing security

Please contact us for further information on how Sequr can provide your building with a secure, cloud-based access control solution.


Topics: Access Control Systems, Security, Cloud-based access control


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