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Integrating Digital Identity Management and Access Control

Written by Michael Maxsenti on 15, January 2019

Integrating Digital Access Management and Physical Access Control

The rise of cloud-computing and software as a service (SaaS) applications has been the largest trend in enterprise service delivery models in the past decade. With companies like Amazon, Digital Ocean and Microsoft Azure providing the infrastructure necessary for SaaS companies to bring highly-available and secure services to customers with lower cost of ownership, companies have flocked to the cloud to become more efficient with their technology stacks.

This mass migration to the cloud has come with significant challenges for security. With so much data and processing happening off premises, there’s a significant need to manage access to these cloud environments securely. Companies like Okta, OneLogin, BetterCloud, and SailPoint have stepped up to bring an ecosystem of digital access management services to protect these vital cloud infrastructures and the companies that leverage them.

In addition to securing access to SaaS applications for their employees, these digital identity management platforms allow companies to streamline the onboarding and offboarding of new employees. Systems like Okta and BetterCloud enable IT departments to automatically provide access to a company’s CRM, marketing automation platform, HR system, and more. The need for these types of identity management platforms continues to grow as software demand increases. 


Integrating digital + physical identity management

Now that these digital identity management platforms have become mission critical to modern IT for security and automated provisioning for digital access, it’s time the physical security world followed suit. If Okta or OneLogin can automatically give you access to your CRM, why not have it govern physical access to company offices? With Sequr, this is now possible.

Sequr offers a host of native integrations to allow for automated provisioning and deprovisioning of physical access to company offices. In the Sequr dashboard, you can easily setup these integrations under the “Integrations” tab:


For customers leveraging any of these identity management systems, you can now automatically create digital keycards with access groups that match to your groups in Okta, GSuite, OneLogin and Active Directory.


Why does this matter? 

Integrating Sequr with your cloud-based identity management platform allows you to get a host of benefits:
  • Reduce the operational burden of adding and removing access to offices by automating provisioning
  • Increase security by ensuring that only active employees have access to offices and automatically deprovisioning access to offices based on a single source of truth
  • Eliminate the need for IT to follow tickets from HR when terminations occur

If you’d like to see more about Sequr’s integrations to identity management and other cloud systems check out

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