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Sequr Inc., Announces Authentic Partnership with Mercury Security Hardware

Written by Sequr on 5, March 2020

Sequr, Inc., a Genea Company, announced an authentic partnership with Mercury Security, integrating Sequr's cloud-based physical access control software with Mercury's open architecture access control hardware. 

“With all of our software offerings, we do not believe in encumbering customers with proprietary hardware. Our goal is to couple the benefits of our cloud-based software solutions with best-in-class, open architecture hardware,” said Michael Wong, CEO of Genea.

"Becoming a Mercury Authentic Partner strongly aligns our products to our mission to best serve our customers."

Sequr addresses the limitations and pain points related to using on-premise access control software with a cloud-based offering that improves convenience, transparency, security and safety. Their combination of enterprise-level security, management portal and limitless scalability means that customers can access features normally reserved for the Fortune 500 at an affordable price. Even more, Sequr turns everyone’s phones into their access card. No more retractable badges, no more getting locked out of the office. 

"Customers can now have the best cloud-based physical access control software controlling the premier hardware in the access control industry."

“As a Mercury Authentic Partner, we can now support more advanced access control and direct elevator integrations.” said Mike Maxsenti, co-founder of Sequr.  “This partnership further positions us as a leader in the fast-growing, cloud-based physical access control market. "  

About Genea
Genea is a rapidly growing SaaS (software as a service) company headquartered in Irvine. We provide software solutions that help office buildings create a great experience for their tenants and reduce the workload on property teams that helps increase asset value, process efficiency, and tenant satisfaction. Genea’s software is implemented in over 250 million square feet of properties, helping property teams modernize their workflows and tenant experience. The software is backed by 24/7 support and monitoring from Genea’s US-based service team, resulting in a 99% customer retention rate. 

About Sequr
Sequr is a state-of-the-art, cloud-based physical access control system designed to integrate existing hardware systems into a unified platform that enhances safety and security. In addition to automating user provisioning, Sequr allows users to use their phone as replacement for the physical keycard. By partnering with the world’s leading hardware manufacturers we give customers a best-in-class software experience on top of the HID and Mercury hardware the industry has trusted for decades. 

For sales inquiries, please contact our VP of Sales, Robert Vail.
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