Redefining Access Control

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March, 24 2020

Cloud-based vs. Server-based Access Control

Access Control Systems Cloud Computing

One of the biggest trends in the last decade of software has been the rise of cloud computing. Why has the whole world seemingly forsaken managing software on their own internal servers? For millennia[...] Read More

March, 17 2020

Open Access Control vs. Proprietary Access Control

Access Control Systems Cloud-based access control

Over the past four years, we have done thousands of retrofits of legacy access control systems. Every week, customers come to us asking to upgrade their outdated, server-based access control systems b[...] Read More

March, 11 2020

Sequr Interview with Inside Access Control CEO & Founder, Lee Odess

Access Control Systems IoT Cloud-based access control

This week, I had the chance to chat with Entrepreneur and CEO/Founder of Inside Access Control, Lee Oddess, about the Access Control Industry and the role Sequr plays within it. This is part of a seri[...] Read More

March, 05 2020

Sequr Inc., Announces Authentic Partnership with Mercury Security Hardware

Access Control Systems IoT

Sequr, Inc., a Genea Company, announced an authentic partnership with Mercury Security, integrating Sequr's cloud-based physical access control software with Mercury's open architecture access control[...] Read More

March, 02 2020

Sequr, Inc. Acquired By CRE SaaS Company, Genea

Access Control Systems Acquistion

Sequr is is excited to announce we were recently acquired by Overtime HVAC and Submeter billing company, Genea, as  part of their effort to further expands their portfolio of commercial real estate te[...] Read More

June, 18 2019

Setting Up Office Security for SMBs

Access Control Systems

With the numerous cloud-based security products available for companies, securing your company’s facilities has never been easier or cheaper. Depending on your company’s size, compliance consideration[...] Read More

June, 12 2019

Cloud-Based Access Control Systems Are Essential to Office Automation

Access Control Systems

Office Automation Elevates the Employee Experience In today's modern workplace employees expect their office experience automated. The demand is so great that employers are either seeking out office s[...] Read More

June, 04 2019

Azure Active Directory: Automating Physical Access Control with Provisioning and Deprovisioning Workflows

Access Control Systems Security

Access control is traditionally two things: a manual process with keys or cards and a standalone system. Even as cloud-based access control systems have become more popular, traditional software provi[...] Read More

May, 14 2019

Integrating Slack as Your Physical Security Incident Management Platform

Access Control Systems Security

One of the key challenges for modern companies and the IT teams that keep the wheels turning is the necessity to monitor all systems in a scalable way. Often the volume of VoIP phones, the SaaS apps, [...] Read More

May, 02 2019

Integrated Access Control and Video Management with Cisco Meraki

Access Control Systems Security

When it comes time to take your security operation beyond simply assigning mobile or physical credentials to your team, one of the best next steps you can take is implementing a CCTV system. A CCTV sy[...] Read More


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