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August, 03 2017

New Product Feature: User Profile Pictures

Access Control Systems IoT Security Cloud Computing

Upload user profile picture  At Sequr we are constantly adding new features to our Access Control product. One of the newest that we’re excited to show you is our User Profile Picture function! For se[...] Read More

May, 23 2017

How to Copy Your Office Keycard for Less Than $11

Access Control Systems IoT Security

Disclaimer: We want people to be safe. We are able to do this by educating the public on security threats and possible vulnerabilities. Please do not use the following information to exploit someone e[...] Read More

May, 22 2017

10 Reasons You Need Electronic Access Control

Security Access Control Systems IoT

Employee Safety — In today’s world, anything can happen. As technology advances, we continue to grow more concerned about the security of our virtual world. But that does not mean we should ignore the[...] Read More

May, 08 2017

The Smart Building – A glimpse into the future

Access Control Systems IoT Security In recent years, tech companies like IBM have begun talking up the concept of the “smart building”, where staff u[...] Read More

May, 04 2017

What Access as a Service (AaaS) Lets You Do

Security Access Control Systems IoT

The first part of this series covered the logistical considerations that are driving property managers to retire their on-premise access control software and adopt the cloud-based approach we’re helpi[...] Read More

April, 13 2017

Is Your Office Safe? 5 Tips to Improve Workplace Security

Security Access Control Systems IoT

Workplace accidents and emergencies? No one wants to think about those things…but unfortunately they do occasionally happen. Though we hope you never experience one, it’s important to ensure your offi[...] Read More


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