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Questions are important! We’ve included answers to the most common ones below.

How is the price calculated

We will automatically generate an approximate hardware quote based on the number of doors you have. Your monthly software fee will be based on how many users have a mobile key.

Is mobile access secure?

Yes, very secure. Mobile keys can not be shared, duplicated, or misplaced like physical credentials such as keycards and keyfobs. We use an insane amount of encryption whenever possible.

What happens if power or internet goes out?

Don't worry, everything will continue to work. We will notify you that your internet or power is out and we will reload all activity once the connection is restored.

Is my hardware compatible?

If you already have keycard access installed in your office, chances are you are already compatible. We may have to switch out the readers but we will use the same wires, power supply, and electronic locks.

Can we still use our keycards and fobs?

Sequr is 100% backwards compatible and supports every type of key. If you currently have fobs or cards, will even make sure they continue to work when we switch your system.

How secure Sequr is?

Security is at the core of everything we do at Sequr. All data is encrypted at transport layer as well as at the rest. Data is continuosly versioned for recovery purposes. We do the penetration testing regularly to identify any vulnerabilities. Please write to us at if you would like to know more about security and reliability of our system.

We have the perfect solution for you

Sequr was built for any industry that wants to restrict access and enhance security. No matter the deployment, Sequr has the solution you need.

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