These support policies apply to your use of Sequr’s access control service offerings. These policies may be updated from time to time.


Sequr’s Support Policies are designed to cover both onsite physical hardware and installation issues, as well as our cloud-based software services. Sometimes our support team has to work with a client to determine if an issue relates to the hardware, installation or software. These policies are designed to give Sequr customer support service in a reasonable and timely manner.

Cloud Software Updates

Cloud software updates may address security fixes, critical patches, general maintenance functionality, and documentation, and shall be made available at Sequr’s discretion. Sequr is under no obligation to develop any future functionality or enhancements. If an update for a cloud software offering is made available to you pursuant to these cloud service support policies, it shall automatically replace the previous version of the applicable cloud service.

Where practical, Sequr will schedule such cloud software updates during non-business hours and will provide you with notice.

First Line Support & Authorized Technical Contacts

Your authorized technical contacts must be knowledgeable about the Sequr cloud service offering and your technical environment in order to work with Sequr to analyze and resolve Support Requests. They are responsible for engaging Sequr technical support and monitoring the resolution of all Support Requests and escalated support issues.

You are required to establish and maintain processes as necessary to manage first-line support for users of the cloud service offering within your organization. If after reasonable efforts you are unable to diagnose or resolve the error(s), your authorized technical contact(s) may contact Sequr for technical support via phone or web and assign the correct severity as defined below.

Response Times

Sequr is committed to rapid response of all Support Requests. All Severities can be submitted to Sequr on a 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year basis via phone or web. All Support Requests can be tracked online by the authorized technical contact that submitted the Support Request.

Severity Level response times do not vary if you file your Support Request via phone or web. Sequr does not guarantee resolution times, and a resolution may consist of a fix, workaround, service availability or other solution Sequr deems reasonable. Sequr will use reasonable efforts to meet the target response times stated in the table below. Sequr will provide continuous efforts (24x7x365) to resolve Severity 1 SaaS service availability issues until a workaround or resolution can be provided, or until the incident can be downgraded to a lower severity.


Target Response Times for Cloud Offerings:


Target Issue
Response Times

Target Software
Resolution Times

Critical (Severity 1)

1 hour or less: 24x7

24 hours

Major (Severity 2)

4 business hours

24 business hours

Minor (Severity 3)

8 business hours

40 business hours

Cosmetic (Severity 4)

12 business hours

60 business hours


Severity Definitions



Critical (Severity 1)

Critical production issue that severely impacts your use of the service. The situation halts your business operations and no procedural workaround exists. 

·       Inability to Lock/Unlock a door and no manual work-around is available.

·       Data corrupted or lost and must restore from backup.

·       Inability to access administration portal or for updates to synchronize with controllers on premise.

Severity 1 issues require the customer to have dedicated resources available to work on the issue on an ongoing basis with Sequr.

Major (Severity 2)

Major functionality is impacted or significant performance degradation is experienced. The situation is causing a high impact to portions of your business operations and no reasonable workaround exists. 

  • Service is operational but highly degraded performance to the point of major impact on usage.
  • Inability to Lock/Unlock a door, but manual work-around is available.


  • Important features of the Software as a Service offering are unavailable with no acceptable workaround; however, operations can continue in a restricted fashion.

Minor (Severity 3)

There is a partial, non-critical loss of use of the service with a medium-to-low impact on your business, but your business continues to function. Short-term workaround is available, but not scalable.

Cosmetic (Severity 4)

Inquiry regarding a routine technical issue; information requested on application capabilities, navigation, installation or configuration; bug affecting a small number of users. Acceptable workaround available.


Upgrade/Downgrade of Severity Level

If, during the Support Request process, the issue either warrants assignment of a higher severity level than currently assigned or no longer warrants the severity level currently assigned based on its current impact on the production operation of the cloud service offering, then the severity level will be upgraded or downgraded accordingly to the severity level that most appropriately reflects its current impact.


On-Premise Service Orders

Sometimes support incidents relate to hardware issues for equipment that have been purchased from Sequr or other physical issues including, but not limited to wiring, door mechanical operations, locks, power supplies and other access control related equipment. When these types of support issues occur, Sequr will work with your Authorized Technical Contact to troubleshoot and fix issues through remote telephone or electronic means. If it is not possible to address the underlying issues, Sequr will offer to schedule an on premise service call by one of our authorized service partners. This service call will be subject to additional fees for services and replacement hardware or parts. Fees for hardware under warranty may be waived if Sequr receives the related hardware back from customer in a returnable state. To schedule on premise service call, Sequr will send a Service Order Authorization request to customer for customer’s prior authorization.