How does it work?

Our iPad app allows your visitors to check in themselves so you can focus on giving them a friendly welcome. You can start tracking all visitors entries digitally and throw away the paper book on your desk.

Visitor Sign-in

When a visitor arrives, they’ll enter their information on to the iPad, if required sign NDA and collect their visitor badge.

Host gets notified

Sequr automatically notifies your employee when their guest arrives by Slack, email, SMS or mobile app notification.

Host greets their guest

Host knows who to meet and gives friendly welcome to their guests.


iPad features

Administrative dashboard

You decide what information you want to collect from your visitors, and our dashboard makes it super easy to get everything up and running in few minutes.

Visitor logs

As a systems admin, you can track all visitor activity. For the first time ever, you will have access control and visitor management all in the same, easy to use interface.

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Integrates with the tools you use

Integrates with the tools you use

Sequr integrates seamlessly into your existing workflows, making it a easy to set up and manage.

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Unlimited Visitors & Devices

Sequr welcomes all of your visitors & start tracking all guest entries digitally.

Customize Branding

Impress your visitors & give the first right impression with your logo & your color!

Collect Visitors' Information

Capture name, company name, email, photo, purpose of visit and more.

Capture Photos

Create instant photo badges by capturing photos with Sequr.

Sign NDA & Waivers

Visitors can sign legal documents digitally with the touch of their finger.

Print Visitor Badges

Quickly identify visitors with photo/name badges for improved security.

Notify Employees

Notify your employees of a visit by email, SMS, Slack or Sequr mobile app.

Report & Analytics

View and filter your visitor logs and get insights to better manage your office.

Centralized Management

Keep track of all visitors’ information in the Sequr dashboard.

Multiple Locations

Easily manage all of your offices in one place.

Tiered Admin Roles

Delegate access to Sequr dashboard to other admins in your team.

Employee Directory

Sync employee directory & contact information from your Identity management system.

Export Data

Export any of your data in CSV format.

Portrait & Landscape

Sequr iPad app works well in either portrait or landscape mode.


Keep track of all your signed agreements in one place.

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